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MP3: O’My’s & Chance The Rapper – Idea



O'My's Chance The Rapper Idea Mp3 Download MAKHITS.COM

O’My’s Chance The Rapper Idea Mp3 Download

O’My’s Chance The Rapper Idea Mp3 Download – Last month The O’My’s got the party started with Saba in the driver seat. The full extent of their new album Tomorrow features much more than just the one vocalist in a subsidiary role. The Chicago-based R&B-soul group was lucky enough to find its latest recruit on home soil. On “Idea,” Chance the Rapper joins the Maceo Haymes and Nick Hennessey, adding to their shared body of work dating back to the rapper’s pre-Acid Rap era with “Wonder Years” in 2012.

Download Here

The song is easily deconstructed, with Haymes’ wah wah guitar easily sound the most expressive instrument apart from a light flicker of the snare drum. Haymes also reprises his role as the lead vocalist for a change, with Chance the Rapper joining in the second frame for a mere accoutrement. “It’s a collaborative city. Collaborations happen just by being in the room or being at the park or bumping into somebody,” said Haymes to Billboard. “That’s kind of the nature of the scene in Chicago. Everybody is constantly pushing each other.”

The sampler is available below, but if you wait a little longer the full album will drop at midnight, including the “Idea” single. The duo has promised a music video for “Idea” sometime during the day (Friday).

Download and enjoy it here on Makhits Media.

DOWNLOAD MP3: O’My’s & Chance The Rapper – Idea HERE

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